Laminectomy is the current “gold standard” treatment for symptomatic spinal stenosis. Laminectomy frequently results in dramatic relief from the radiating leg pain, numbness, and weakness of spinal stenosis and nerve root compression in the spine. In this procedure, pathologic ligamentous tissue and a small piece of bone called the lamina that are compressing the nerve sack are removed. This eliminates the spinal stenosis, and allows the nerves to expand normally. It is quite common for patients to report significant improvements in their leg symptoms soon after surgery.

Many patients ask if the small lamina bone will be missed. In many ways its removal is similar to removing an appendix, or gallbladder – they likely have some beneficial purpose when they are healthy, but when they are pathologic it’s best to get them out and they are rarely missed.

We specialize in laminectomy for spinal stenosis. It is tremendously gratifying for us to watch patients who frequently arrive at our offices in debilitating life-altering pain, who then regain their quality of life after a procedure such as laminectomy.

Laminectomy is a highly successful procedure for many patients with symptomatic spinal stenosis. In other cases, the symptoms of spinal stenosis including sciatica can be successfully treated with lesser treatments such as appropriate medications or epidural steroid injections. An appointment with Dr. Nelson is a great opportunity to learn more about your unique condition and the best treatment options available for you.

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