Microdiscectomy (or Laminotomy / Discectomy) is a “minimally invasive” outpatient procedure commonly used to treat symptomatic lumbar herniated discs and sciatica.  Success rates are extremely high with results routinely in the 90-95% excellent range.  Microdiscectomy is considered the “gold standard” treatment for persistent symptomatic lumbar herniated discs and sciatica.

Microdiscectomy is a “minimally invasive” technique that uses a very small incision which minimizes trauma to normal tissues, and maximizes quick recovery.  Microdiscectomy can dramatically relieve the radiating leg pain, numbness and muscle weakness caused by lumbar disc herniations.  It is quite common for our patients to report significant reductions in leg pain immediately in the recovery room.

Mark Nelson, M.D. specializes in Microdiscectomy and other treatments for lumbar herniated discs and other causes of sciatica.  Many of our patients are athletes or have high physical work demands, and are able to return to competitive sports and demanding work after Microdiscectomy.

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