Dr. Mark Nelson specializes in Laminectomy and other procedures for  Sciatica and Spinal Stenosis

Laminectomy is the “gold standard” treatment for symptomatic Lumbar Spinal Stenosis with Sciatica or Neurogenic Claudication.  Laminectomy frequently results in dramatic relief from the radiating leg pain, numbness, and weakness associated with spinal stenosis and nerve root compression.   It is quite common for patients to report significant improvements in their leg symptoms as early as the next day after surgery!

Laminectomy removes pathologic tissues and a small piece of lamina bone compressing the nerves thus eliminating the spinal stenosis and allowing the nerves to expand normally.  Many patients ask if the small lamina bone will be missed.  Removing the lamina is similar to removing an appendix, or gallbladder – they have some purpose when they are healthy, but it’s best to get them out when they are causing pain!

Laminectomy is a highly successful procedure for many patients with symptomatic spinal stenosis.  In some cases, the symptoms of spinal stenosis can be successfully treated with non-surgical treatments such as medications or epidural steroid injections.  An appointment with Dr. Nelson is a great opportunity to learn more about your unique condition and the best treatment options available for you.  Call (858) 777-7917 to schedule your appointment today!


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